About us:


We are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Carteret County, North Carolina.  We work with women that are wanting to change their lives. We believe every woman has the ability to achieve her independence from any addiction.  


By utilizing evidenced-based clinical counseling and spiritual guidance, women can overcome their past problems and gain self-sufficiency in a unique, therapeutic environment.  We offer hope and help to the families of these women seeking a new beginning in a non-traditional setting.


We offer a small, home-like environment that fosters learning in innovative ways.  Our clinicians and instructors meet women where they are and help them develop a life plan based on individual goals and needs.  




To create a Christ-centered way of living for those bound by addiction, which allows them to recover and return into society as an independent, self-sufficient, and productive person.

Tami Thomas

Founder / CEO


Kelly Jo Bowman

Program Manager



  The MirIam Mascot

  Service Dog

At The MirIAM, our staff is made up of volunteers, pastors, lay leaders, and counselors.  Our clinical counseling staff members are at various stages of licensure with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board.  While some are fully licensed, others are registered with the board and seeking licensure or are provisionally licensed.  To verify a counselor's credentials, or for detailed information about levels of licensure, please visit the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board at www.ncsappb.org.

Board Members



I have worked as non-sworn member of the Morehead City Police Department for 15 years and served 4 years in the US Army prior to that.  I have an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and have served on three previous boards holding positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President.  I have witnessed firsthand how quickly someone’s life can be turned upside down by addiction.  I am very honored to part of the MirIAM and eager to help in any way I can.


Board Member

I have worked in early childhood education for the past thirty-five years. I have had the opportunity to change and shape young lives in our community. I have lived with and seen first hand the effects the of addiction in a family unit. My passion and love of wanting to make a positive change in all family units helped motivate me to answer God's calling to get involved in the MirIam. May God continue to bless the program.  



He was baptized in Saudi Arabia in 1990. He is a retired Pediatric ICU nurse from Duke. Prior to that he was in construction management and served some time as a EMT. He was introduced to our program by Kit Teasdale who asked him to teach his class "Practical Principals", while he was out of town.


Ali Creech

Board Member

I have been involved with the MirIam since 2016. I am a former president of the Ladies Golf Association of Morehead City CC. I have also been a Women's Ministry Leader of New Life AOG church. My servant's heart is to give my all in support to the MirIam in any way possible. 


Max Milner

Board Member

Max has been with MirIAM for a couple years, work mainly in the Thrift store overseeing the day to day operation.

Jean doshier.PNG

Jean Doshier

Board Member

Jean has been with the MirIAM as a Volunteer for several years now and is now in charge of local promotion on educating others on how they can voulnteer. 

Donald Gavisk.jpg

Doanld Gavisk

Board Member

Don has been with the MirIAM for over a year and has been working as an Instructor and Mentor to the Resident