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"I have found the love of Jesus Christ, [and] was taught how to enjoy life living in obedience to God's will" - Jen 

"I have grown into a completely different woman, inside and out.  The MirIAM has changed my life forever."

- Lexie

Just a few months ago I was disturbed by the thought of committing to a six-month program. Today my mind set is completely the opposite.  Being a part of the MirIAM has opened a door for me that is dramatically changing my life for the better.  I've found the biggest missing piece to my puzzle, GOD! - Ashley

On July 28th, 4 MirIAM women publicly declared their love for the LORD by getting baptized in the sound.  Pastor Kit and Tami and Kelly  led the ladiesinto the water and explained to them the importance of that day.  They were submerged under water, and came up a new creation in Christ, with our sins washed away.  This was a promise to GOD  and to themselves to spread the gospel of JESUS, and show others the same love he showed us time and time again.  - Laura

I have been here two months learning how to find scriptures in the bible, growing spiritually in the bible, growing spiritually, and meeting women of all ages who have al the same purpose which is staying sober and leaving products lives.  Coming together as a group relying on each other.  -


"The MirIAM and GOD has changed my life in ways I never thought possible" - Heather 

We are excited that we have a new class at the MirIAM.  Don just started teaching us about maintenance our vehicles.  We are learning the basic like how to check warning lights and their meaning, to changing our own oil.  We can learn how to be independent and when an emergency arises, we will have the skills to handle these kinds of situations.  Thank you again for teaching us a nw skill. - Jennifer

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