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Detox (Coming Soon)

The MirIAM is a multifaceted ministry with a unified set those who are bound by addiction free.  We are currently in the planning stages of our Detox Program.  We will release more information as we draw closer to the opening date.


At The MirIAM Detox, we believe that detoxing your body is the first step to becoming a new creation.  Every addict has one thing in common; they are trying to fill a God-sized void with a small momentary escape.  It is important to understand why we turn to something other than God to fill that void.   As you detox, you will begin to understand the human condition and that God has a way out of that condition.  It is important that this step is not skipped. It is hard to understand the process of becoming a new creation if substances are clouding the picture.  


I Peter tells us to "rid ourselves of all wickedness..."


Detoxification is difficult and uncomfortable and we will be with you through the entire process.  At The Miriam Detox we offer 24 hour nursing care and supervision as we lead you through this first part of your journey. The average stay at the detox facility will be 14 days.  Some may be able to leave earlier, while others may need to extend their stay.  We use a rapid detox technique to rid the body as fast as possible of the drugs.  We can not take away all the discomfort of detoxifying but we will use supportive care, exercise, good foods, and study to get you on your way.    


We are committed to getting you into a rehabilitation facility upon discharge.  We will not send you out without the next stage of your journey set and ready to go.  Many relapses occur in the time between your discharge from detox and your entrance into a rehab facility.  We want to increase your chance of success by making this a seamless process.

If you are currently in need of detox, please contact a member of our staff for a comprehensive assessment, your primary care provider, mobile crisis, or your local emergency department.  As with any healthcare emergency, if you are in a life threatening crisis, immediately call 911.

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Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
Common withdrawal signs and symptoms include:
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